Just because you move into your home, don’t think you can get rid of us so easily. Our relationship will continue through our warranty period and, if we’ve done our job, beyond.

After you move in, there will be some small touch-up items that we will be in and out firming up. But our formal builder warranty lasts for one year from when you take possession of your home. During that year, you will keep track of items that you see that need to be touched up or fixed. At some point, typically three to six months in, we will coordinate with you to address the current list. And then at about the 11-month mark, we will do it again. Of course, at any point in time, if something needs immediate attention we will address it right away.

Our informal warranty has no time horizon. We are proud to say that we maintain relationships with our homeowners for many, many years. We always welcome questions and remain available to assist as needed.


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