Have you ever walked into a bathroom and immediately been stunned by its gorgeous design? The secret to that beautiful bathroom design was probably found in the window.

A stunning window design can make the entire room! Here are a few ideas to try incorporating into your bathroom window design:

  • Bring the look of nature indoors with natural fiber shades because they work particularly well with grass cloth wallpaper.
  • Give the window itself a little character by opting for textured or patterned glass.
  • Feature large, grand windows in a spa-style bathroom. Accentuate them with drapes and valences.
  • Have a little fun with color around your window because this is the perfect place to play with a spotted shade or a funky pattern.
  • For the classic look, try outfitting your window in traditional white blinds. This pairs well with neutral wallpaper and rugs.
  • Woven, textured shades give off a natural vibe, which is nice in a more rustic, country-style home.
  • Give your room an airy look with sheer shades or curtains.
bathroom window design

Source: Homedesignlover.com

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