In need of a new look for your home’s interior Design? Natural light brightens up any space and gives your home a more comforting look and feel. If you’re looking for a way to give your Kansas home that warm appeal, adding a skylight to your living room may be the answer you’re looking for.


Source: houzz

Here are five ways to incorporate skylights:

  • White living room + clear skylights: Illuminate an already white room with natural sunlight to get an austere but sexy effect.
  • Elegant living room + classic skylights: Place two symmetrical and parallel skylights to enhance the sophistication of your home.
  • Contemporary living room + bordered skylights: Combine skylights with dark borders in a modern design for something more chic.
  • Earthy living room + multiple skylights: Usher in more sunlight through several skylights to emphasize the nature-inspired theme of your home.
  • Colorful living room + high skylights: Enhance the vibrant colors of your paintings, pillows, and other accents by allowing sunlight to enter from the high ceiling.

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