When it comes to you saving energy around the home, there’s a good chance that you have become well-acquainted with different types of bulbs. You already know that CFL and LED bulbs are some of the most energy-efficient choices, and you are well-aware of being sure to turn lights off that are not being used.

But, are you aware of other ways that you can continue to implement energy-efficient lighting in your home? Beyond the new CFL and LED bulbs, there are dozens of ways to save energy at home in regards to lighting.

At Forner LaVoy Builders, in Kansas City, we consider all aspects of your home design needs, which also includes methods to save you money in the long run. To do this, we recommend the following lighting tips:

  • Use timers and dimmer switches for your lights.
  • Implement task lighting in areas that you are using for reading or other detailed work.
  • Consider the placement of your table and floor lamps to best utilize the area. Did you know that placing a light in the corner will better illuminate a room because it will bounce off the nearby walls?
  • Dust your fixtures and bulbs regularly.

Still looking for ways to cut down on your energy usage at home? Speak to one of our professionals at Forner LaVoy about other methods to transform your home into a more energy friendly location.

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