Adding a catching focal point in smaller areas can be a challenge, but there are ways to maximize space in your home. One of them is adding mounted bookshelves. There are several major benefits of mounted bookshelves. Here are five you need to know:

wall-mounted bookshelves

Source: houzz

  • Makes use of irregularly shaped areas: You know those spaces where no furniture can’t seem to fit in? Mounted bookshelves can fill them up nicely.
  • Makes use of vertical space: Freestanding bookshelves are wide, but not high enough. You can make mounted bookshelves as high as you want so that no vertical space gets wasted.
  • Blends in with the background: With no thick borders, mounted bookshelves don’t look bulky. They can even blend in with the walls when painted the same color.
  • Takes up less space: Mounted bookshelves accommodate more books than those that are freestanding, but they use less space. It sounds like a paradox, but it’s true.
  • Uses fewer materials: Sustainability should be a consideration in interior design. Mounted bookshelves don’t use up as much resources as their freestanding counterparts, making them the greener choice.

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