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One of the benefits you receive when partnering with Forner – La Voy as your homebuilder is access to the multiple years of experience we have building custom homes and the wisdom resulting from that experience.

We hold our sub-contractors, vendors & suppliers to the highest levels of quality. That starts from the very beginning in the design process and proceeds all the way through construction. We ensure your architect specifies the proper and best products to match your design and budget. When we generate the detailed specifications that guide our craftsmen as they provide quotes to us for your project, we stipulate product and service characteristics consistent with our high-quality tradition. Those same specifications then form the instructions given to our craftsmen when they perform their work.

Between the products we specify and the methods we insist upon, you can rest assured the latest techniques to make your home trouble-free and provide years of enjoyment have been used.

Here are just a few examples of the outcomes that our quality practices allow us to achieve for you:

  • Elimination of cold joints in your foundation, which means reduced chance of cracking & water leakage, making for a strong, long-lasting foundation
  • Proper use of engineered lumber products, combined with fastidious adherence to the highest framing standards prevent flooring materials (like hardwood, tile, etc.) from separating due to floor deflection, minimize or eliminate “nail pops” & cracks in your drywall, eliminate the chance for interior doors to stick or to become “self-opening/closing” over time, and greatly reduce the occurrence of floor squeaks
  • Insistence on strictly following the AAMA Method “A-1” installation procedures ensures that windows and doors properly shed water rather than direct water into your home
  • Framing and insulation techniques that eliminate “cold spots” in corners that have exterior exposure, as well as decrease both outside air infiltration and inside air escape, improving efficiency and comfort
  • Use of sound-proofing techniques greatly reduce “noise pollution” on the main floor resulting from running water (due to toilets flushing, washing machines draining, people bathing, etc.) on secondary levels; sound-proofing also provides quiet and privacy for your master bedroom, powder bathroom and elsewhere
  • Stringent controls on how baseboard, window & door casing, crown moulding, etc. are joined to eliminate ugly joint separation

These and many, many more benefits are achieved using the continually growing reservoir of quality practices we have collected over the years.

This collective wisdom is captured in the form of job completion checklists that we use to verify proper completion of each step of the construction process. This ensures that everyone in our company knows the quality expectations as dictated “from the top”, and it gives visibility to progress status across the project team so that no steps are missed.


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