Interior Finish

Now that the “guts” of your home are neatly and safely tucked behind insulated and drywalled ceilings and walls, it is time to make it all look pretty. Similar to the rough-in stage, the steps in this stage are relatively serial but, depending on the size of your home, some steps by be done in parallel.

Key Steps:

  • Install hardwood flooring
  • Install millwork & trim
  • Install cabinets
  • Paint interior
  • Install counter tops
  • Install tile
  • Install shower doors & mirrors
  • Finish mechanical & high-voltage items:
    • Heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC)
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
  • Finish communications items:
    • Central vacuum
    • Phone, cable & networking
    • Audio/video
    • Controlled lighting
    • Security
    • Home automation
  • Install appliances
  • Install carpet
  • Install hardware

Related Municipality Inspections:

  • Electrical – final
  • Mechanical/HVAC – final
  • Plumbing – final
  • Fire inspection – final

Key Steps Explained:

Many of the steps in this stage are self-explanatory, like installing hardwood flooring, cabinets, counter tops and tile. Or painting and installing mirrors & shower doors, appliances and carpet.

When we refer to millwork or trim, we are referring to your interior doors, crown moldings, site-built cabinetry & shelving, door and window casings, baseboards, fireplace mantels, wall paneling, beadboard, decorative ceiling beams, etc. These items will be installed during this stage.

Finishing the mechanical and high-voltage systems includes installing return-air grills & floor registers for HVAC; connecting outlets, wiring switches, installing outlet & switch plate covers, installing light bulbs, etc. for electrical, as well as connecting appliances; and installing toilets, faucets, bath & tub controls and connecting gas appliances for plumbing.

For communications finishes, much of the same — installing plates and covers for central vac, networking, phone & cable and security outlets. For audio/video, components like cable boxes, televisions, media centers, receivers, satellite boxes, speakers, etc. will be installed. And for security, control units, cameras, etc. go in.

And finally, the hardware will be installed. This includes cabinet knobs & pulls, door handles/knobs, towel bars, tissue holders, door stops, wall hooks, closet rods & shelving and other related items.

While the interior is being finished, much of the exterior is being finished as well. We go there next.


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