Designing a bedroom with a fireplace will provide you with a comfortable and relaxing place where you can spend evenings. The ambiance it brings to your bedroom design is nothing short of magical. Here are some tips to help you design the perfect bedroom with a fireplace:

    • Make it the focal point of the room: The fireplace should attract attention to itself. You don’t want it to be obtrusive, but you do want it to be the first thing people notice when they enter the room.
    • Include lots of detail: Whether stone or wood, be sure that the fireplace has plenty of distinctive features to be admired and enjoyed.
    • Place it appropriately: Set it at the foot of the bed to illuminate those romantic evenings, or set it off to the side with a table and chairs for those late night reading sessions or discussions with your spouse.
    • Safety first: Remember to place your fireplace so that curtains, carpets, and other flammable materials are at a safe distance.
designing a bedroom with a fireplace

Source: Houzz

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