how to light a bathroom

Source: Houzz

The right lighting can take your bathroom design from mundane to amazing. Follow these tips to learn how to light a bathroom effectively, transforming it into a space of which you can be proud:

  • Don’t place lights above your mirror. This is a very common mistake among homeowners. Lights above the mirror make it hard to see when applying makeup or flossing your teeth. Place them to both sides of the mirror for a clearer image.
  • Install an ambient lighting source. A lot of bathrooms are dimly lit because they lack an overhead light. Give your space a bright and vibrant ambiance by installing a pendant light or classy chandelier in the ceiling.
  • Add a dimmer switch. This will allow you to tone down the light when you’re craving a relaxing bath and brighten the room when engaging in delicate grooming.
  • Use accent lighting. A recessed spotlight or sconce will emphasize a classic painting or other special decorative pieces.

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