designing your hallway


Whether you have a small or large home, designing your hallway will always be something you will need to consider as it is the pathway into other rooms in your home. It gives an impression before the guests see what lies in the rest of your place. We can help you with a variety of ideas that will help make your home even more beautiful.

Some ideas to consider for your hallway include hanging a large white mirror against silver wallpaper and small statues on the floor. Add diversity with an eclectic style as you can have the freedom to mix and match to create a mood and creates anticipation for seeing the rest of your home. Tile flooring with wooden wall panels is another great idea along with either a chandelier or traditional ceiling lights.

Simplicity can also be effective with a wooden floor, along with some photos hanging on lightly colored painted walls. For more boldly colored walls, consider using a painting that is able to pick up the loud color. Place a large mirror across from the painting.

We invite you to contact us at Forner – La Voy Builders today for more ways you can begin designing your hallway.

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