Home Remodeling Kansas City

Custom Home Remodeling Kansas City

Photo of beautiful home remodeling in Kansas CityOur custom home remodeling services range from room facelifts and room additions that modernize and expand, to exterior facelifts that update and improve. Examples of remodeling we provide are:

  • Basement finishes
  • Room additions
  • Kitchen, master bedroom/bathroom, and other room remodeling
  • Window replacement
  • Stucco and siding replacement

Forner – LaVoy serves your Kansas City custom home remodeling needs with the same quality, craftsmanship, and integrity delivered on our custom-built and revitalized homes.  We work with some of Kansas City’s most respected industry contractors and architects to offer the most professional home remodeling in Kansas City.  Both Rick Forner and James La Voy are involved and on-site throughout the building process. Only a select number of projects are taken a year so that Rick Forner can personally be on-site and available throughout the project.  We would be happy to discuss your remodeling plans with you!


Home theater in Custom Home Kansas City

Custom Homes in Kansas City


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