Designing a Bedroom to Please Him and Her

Source: houzz

For a fully cohesive bedroom style that caters to both his and her sensibilities, there are some simple interior design tips you can follow that guarantee a happy relationship. Besides the obvious, such as taking input from both parties, follow these guidelines and enjoy the results.

Be very thoughtful of what sorts of things you display. For both party’s happiness, it may be a good idea to avoid any family photos. Instead, focus on things that create and encourage romanticism or inspire marital bliss. This could include sentimental photos, cards, letters, poems, or quotes personal to both members of the couple.

In the colder months, to avoid silly fights during the night, consider buying a king size comforter for your queen-sized bed. This allows enough blanket for everyone to hog it contently.

As for color schemes, try to find a bedroom style that incorporates both party’s interests and opinions. This may involve juxtaposing rustic themes with bright colors, or integrating a traditional decor with more modern features.

Whatever compromises you must make, creating a proper bedroom that suitably houses both him and her doesn’t have to be a hassle that starts one more fight.

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