Not everything in your home needs to be bright and cheery. Sometimes, a bedroom design with dark walls fits your home perfectly. Here are some ideas that are stylish and attractive:

  • Dark Accent Walls. Painting an accent wall a deep shade of grey provides a striking contrast to the white walls within the room. Doing so provides a solid foundation that works very well when complimented with modern furniture pieces.
  • Go dark, but not too dark. Using light brown paints and fabrics creates a subdued appearance. When highlighted with touches of dark brown and black, the ambiance that it creates becomes very relaxing.
  • Join the Navy. Navy blue walls always look elegant when coupled with white trim and soft lighting.
  • Dark Browns, Grays, Greens. The darker the color you choose, the more bright accents you’ll need to keep the room from feeling like a cave. Thus, consider pairing these with white comforters, chairs, and pillows.
bedroom design with dark walls


Our team would be happy to answer your questions about your bedroom design with dark walls. We invite you to contact us at Forner – La Voy Builders and we’ll be glad to point you toward the styles and ideas that will suit you.

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