Although office spaces aren’t really known for their interior design, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put some effort into the design of your home office.

In fact, why not match the area with the rest of your home by employing a gray home office design?

Gray may sound boring, but it can actually help create an incredibly dynamic and elegant look. Try using a light gray color for three of your home office’s walls and then use a darker gray for the fourth wall to add contrast and weight. You can also choose to use a gray wallpaper that has texture if you’d like to create an accent wall.

Another option to make your home office a little more interesting is to add a gray area rug with a bold pattern on it. Instead of putting emphasis on your walls, you could also surround your home office with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves painted in an elegant dark gray color. Another idea is to use a mid-gray for your walls to contrast the white trim and natural wood floors.

gray home office design

Source: Houzz

For a contemporary look in your space, consider a gray home office design. Contact us at Forner LaVoy today for additional home design advice.

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