At Forner LaVoy Builders, we know that choosing a dining room design can be a difficult process.

Choosing the right design for your taste while also fitting it into your home can cause issues, but we are here to help.

Here are some design ideas to consider to help you decide what you want:

Long and Elegant: Nothing says formal dining and entertaining like a long table in a formal dining hall. If you love hosting with a traditional flavor consider designing a formal dining room.

formal dining room design


Windows: Fabulous views are meant to be enjoyed as often as possible. If you’ve got one, plan your dining room so you can enjoy your meal while looking out a window and taking it all in.

dining rooms with a view


Arched Ceilings: These breath taking ceilings are the perfect design for enhancing an eclectic, romantic or Baroque style atmosphere.

arched dining room ceiling


Modern: In direct contrast to the arched ceilings above the modern look is all about clean straight lines, big open spaces and neutral colors. This un-cluttered design style is both simple and striking.

modern dining room


Chandeliers: There are chandelier designs to match any style. Make sure your dining room design features enough ceiling space to fit the chandelier of your dreams.



For more questions about choosing a dining room design, or any other home design questions, contact us at Forner LaVoy Builders


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