Change Order Management

Change Orders are a necessary part of building a home. At Forner – La Voy, we realize that a home cannot be totally envisioned at the beginning of a project.

Change orders can also extend the completion of a home if they are not processed in an organized manner.

With that said, change orders are handled in varying ways depending on magnitude of the change order. Smaller changes can be handled with an e-mail exchange while larger changes follow a more rigorous path that includes development and approval of a formal quote/estimate.

As change requests emerge, we will capture them in our web-based construction management software, BuilderTrend. Each change request will result in a pricing request to the necessary sub-contractor(s). We will review the pricing with you and you will either approve or disapprove of the change. Your decision will be captured in BuilderTrend. If the change is approved, we will reflect the change order in the project schedule and the cost of the change order in the project estimate/budget.


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