The mere mention of ‘France’ brings to mind all things chic, stylish and romantic. Because of the vivid images it evokes, it’s an easy look to achieve for your kitchen. Not sure where to begin?

Let these tips help you achieve that French kitchen design you’ve always wanted:

  • Breakfast nook: Convert your kitchen into a cozy nook reminiscent of a bed-and-breakfast by incorporating mostly blue and yellow in sedate shades, and a splash of red in a vibrant hue. The result is a relaxed, laid-back ambiance with character.
  • Countryside: France is known for its rich countryside, so you can’t go wrong with wood with different levels of glazing and toning. It’s an all-brown look, but the varying shades provide the variety your kitchen needs.
  • Park: Pendant lights, sleek and slim seats, potted plants, flowered wallpapers — these are more than enough to recreate the feel of a park in Normandy. It’s refreshing, perfect for a summer’s day.
  • Estate: Want to go glamorous? Then indulge in steel and dark wood for a posh design, but soften it with light-colored walls and delicate chandeliers.
French kitchen design

Source: Tatum Brown Custom Homes via Home Design Lover

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