If you have extra space at home, or an unused room that is filling up with household clutter, add a fun craft room to your home. This might be perfect for you and the kids, serving as an outlet for arts and crafts projects.

craft room

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If you’ve thought of installing a craft room into your home, here are five ideas on designing a craft room:

  • Don’t be afraid to let in light: In order to navigate all your shelves and unfinished projects, you’ll need to have adequate lighting. Track lighting will free up work space, and skylights are a visual treat on sunny days.
  • Make the space comfortable: Bring in an overstuffed loveseat or armchair for respite after a tough project. Place these plush furnishing options in a corner where you’ll be able to relax.
  • Organize things in view: You’re likely to have many supplies — yarn, glue, loose paper, paint — to put in your craft room, so arrange for some transparent plastic bins and glass jars to keep everything in plain view.
  • Keep your storage simple: Wall and freestanding shelves are an excellent option for this type of space. Keep your storage organized so you can enjoy it for years to come.
  • Use labels: Use labels with your transparent plastic bins to keep your supplies and projects in check. Each individual drawer should be labeled and organized.

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