Homeowners located in the Kansas City area who want to change up a bedroom design.May consider selecting a Mediterranean bedroom design with styles influences from France, Spain, and Greece.

There are certain characteristics that go with the Mediterranean style, that include wood, high ceilings, soft-toned colored furniture, and fabrics with a touch of romantic lighting.

Mediterranean bedroom design

Source: Homedesignlover.com

Choose type of ceiling. Use exposed beams on your ceiling with an antique chandelier to help deliver that elegant appearance of the Mediterranean design. If you go with a wooden ceiling, then you may select having a fireplace that runs up to the wooden beams.

Decide on colors. A canopy bed with warm colored chairs including olive green or brick red, with a minimal amount of window treatments. Use a valance on your windows of the same color as the chairs and ottoman. Vintage furniture will help create a Mediterranean mood accompanied by a wrought iron chandelier.

Lighting. Lamps can add a romantic feel of the room, as they are placed strategically near the bed and in corners. Too much light will take away from the Mediterranean mood.

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