List a number of eminent American architects to any homeowner in the country and odds are most of them will recognize at least one name: Frank Lloyd Wright. One of the many unique homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, located in Arizona, recently sold for $2.38 million.

The home was designed for Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, and was in danger of being demolished as recently as last fall. The home, built in 1952, consists of 2,553 square feet and boasted four bedrooms and four browsebathrooms. Notable design elements within the house include mahogany furniture from the Philippines, custom cabinetry and spiral design elements that were later made famous on a much larger scale in the Guggenheim Museum. Although the city granted a developer the permit to demolish the home, protests led to the developer selling the property to an anonymous Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast.

The style of the house is very unique, and was obviously built and designed with Wright’s son in mind. Which leads to a vital point about home architecture: It is important to live in a home that suits your style and needs.

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