Orange; its fiery brilliance is warm and cheerful. This makes it an ideal choice for using throughout your home — especially in common gathering areas like the dining room.

The following are five ways you can incorporate orange into your dining room design:

  • As an accent. Painting an accent wall light or dark orange brings color into the dining room without risk of it becoming overwhelming.
  • A little burnt. Burnt orange walls with cream or white trim create a stunning visual effect that is sophisticated and classy.
  • As a bright line in the darkness. If you’re incorporating striped patterns into your wall designs, add an orange line or two that will stand out against darker colors such as grey, blue, and black.
  • Within the furniture. Orange chairs, tables, and carpeting provide a nice contrast and a cheery respite from dark colored cabinetry and light colored walls.
  • As a tropical touch. Orange is a beautiful foundation for tropical themed living rooms full of foliage and green accents.
ways you can incorporate orange into your dining room design

Source: Houzz

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